Experienced and the best DWI defense attorneys for your cases

We are the best and well known Houston DWI Defense Attorneys across the city. We have good expertise and understand all the strategies involved in the case and will deal with the case accordingly. We always believe that defending your Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases should be treated as the prior and the top most one especially when you are in immediate need.

            Our Houston DWI attorneys are licensed and have more than two decades of experience in dealing with all kinds of DWI cases. Our attorney will study and analyze the case devotedly and will defend as per the case. Our attorneys never endorse the people who drive in drunken conditions, but he knows and has the knowledge that many innocent people are being arrested unnecessarily. This has become the prime reason to work on DUI cases with a motto to save them.

            Most of the citizens are unaware of the fact and law that it is legal to drink and drive till they are in conscious both mentally and physically. Here occurs the problem with Sobreity tests where they don’t give the complete scenario like if a person feels nervous or tired results in the failure of the test that makes them to be charged. One who is offended for DUI case has to know clearly on the severe and high charges and the offender must look for a Houston drinking and driving lawyer to get the best option.

            There are many situations where a police officer will suspect you that you are making an odd drive. Some of them include hitting someone, swerving the vehicle, being too cautious, taking a wide or narrow turn, making a rolling stop, or driving very slow. All these will lead for suspicion and subject you for tests.

To avoid all such messy things like getting involved in DUI cases, it is always better to drive safely and with complete conscious mind. Driving safe following all traffic rules and regulations will never put you in unnecessary cases and also prevents you and your beloved ones from accidents. There are chances of cancelling your driving privileges ranging from three months to two years. Refusal for taking breath test will also lead to the revoking of your driving status for about a year. The below given tips will help you to drive safe that avoids you to meet a drinking and driving lawyer and makes you top reach the destination safely.

Drive Alert: The important aspect to consider while starting a drive is to have sufficient sleep. Have a little snack which makes you to be alert while driving especially for long drives. Avoid caffeine containing drinks. Don’t drink and drive.

Park Safely: It is equally important to park your vehicles in the safe location.

Share the Ride: If you are not alone in the journey, try to split the driving tasks with the fellow beings in the vehicle.

Take a Break: Irrespective of your feeling whether you are feeling sleepy or not, you must take a break and rest for a while. Come out and enjoy fresh breath. Perform some stretches and walk around.